July 19–August 16, 2015
Opening July 19, 4–6pm

Keaton Macon

Side A
July 19th (KM’s voice)
wind / cars / staccato repetitions
traffic / single beep
wind whipping (throughout)
large automotive passing
distant horn
passing traffic~rushing water
single siren / multiple sirens / peak / fade
one, two, three more sirens peak and fade from farther away
someone shouts, hollers
car alarm / cycles through succession of seven tones / stopped abruptly
foot on gravel, scratchy step
turning hinge
distant shouts, a short whistle
beeping car lock
accelerating automotive
violin or fiddle
bird chirping
two synchronized short honks
two short successive honks
airplane overhead / approaching / peaks / fades

Side B
(wind throughout)
airplane overhead / long approach / fades
short car alarm
single honk, warning beep
distant voices, two
single echoing honk
slowly accelerating motor
speaking voices / laughing voices
cell phone rings, ringtone
distant whistle
short wail, shriek
siren / long approach / another siren joins in / approaching / fade
squawks, bird
another bird
honk, sustained
music from a car, maybe radio
large passing automotive
beeping car lock
distant music, singing
repetitious car alarm
accelerating engine, going fast
airplane overheard / siren starting / end

(notes taken while listening to JUL 19, Airtime from 'Data Recovery' cassette tape 1/366)

—Emily Anne Kuriyama

Laurel Doody
637 S. Cloverdale Ave. #7
Los Angeles, CA 90036
+1 661-231-5897