Keaton Macon
DNA Flag
Polyester flags, thread, sewing tape
3 x 5 ft

DNA Flag was part of the show Bear Flag Revolt at Harborview and Pole in San Pedro, CA. The piece is a cut and sewn polyester flag that correlates to my DNA/genetic makeup. I used the percentages from my DNA kit to map out an equivalent area in square inches on 5 different national flags. Then I cut out the measured sections and reconstructed my own personal flag to be flown. Cut, sew, fly. These three steps are very powerful.

Flags are cut out of reverence when being retired, but also as political action against the state. That the flags of the west African nations are tethered to that at of countries in Western Europe tells the story of the colonization, and that that content is latent in our bodies: rupture and suture.

Once flown, the abstract quality of flags, and DNA Flag in particular, also allow for the misrecognition that characterizes racism in north America; the flag of Ivory Coast is very similar to that of Ireland.