Both drawings graphite on paper about 38x26"

Crosstown beef be like crosstown Traffic

This drawing, and "Like Water", use composite images to point at a specific time and place as a space for tension and rupture. They both use hip-hop titles showing my interest in sampling and the cut-up. "Crosstown beef..." combines an image of a UCLA students' protest (a 7 hour protest regarding their 1967 Rose Bowl exclusion that shut down the 405 Freeway in Westwood, CA) and an iconic image of the pursuit of OJ Simpson on that same famed 405 Freeway.
It conflates the petty rivalry of a crosstown football beef with race tensions on and around US highways, but hopefully its formal arrangement hints at the deeper interconnectivity between these disparate events.

Like water

"Like water" is another composite of two images. The first being a screen shot of the video of the Baldwin Hills Reservoir in Los Angeles failing (possibly do to oil production just miles away) and ripping through an affluent black neighborhood. Forced into the crevice of the waterway is a stock photo of a Japanese inspired pond (often used for wedding photos) at Kenneth Hahn Park which is on the site of the old reservoir. Here again I am conflating the catastrophic with the mundane and asking what are the socio-political implications.

like crosstown traffic
Crosstown beef be: like crosstown traffic

Like Water...