RINGS at Queens Los Angeles

This iteration of RINGS consist of 5 drawings, 1 sculpture and a publication/zine. The black walnut frames for the drawings and sculpture were CNC routed out of a whole tree slab to accentuate the tree rings, and in turn years, so that each frame literally becomes a bracket for a set of dates and events. The tree was felled in 2016 because it was dying. The content within the frames (drawings) is generated by said years, coincidental findings and research.





ink on paper, Edition of 75
RINGS zine: ink on paper, Edition of 75


Black walnut
Rings [2005-1994][1952-1946]: Black walnut


Burnt Palms Revisted [1992-1984] 

Strategy [1968-1963]
The G.O.A.T. and the Southern: Strategy [1968-1963]

Under God [1959-1954] 

Mary Tyler Moore/Women's March: [1979-1970]

Do Ya Thing (Remix) [2016-2008]
That's the way of the world/: Do Ya Thing (Remix) [2016-2008]